Nashville, TN - November 5, 2018 
Greg LaFollette released his sophomore record of music for the church, Songs of Common Prayer, on October 26. 

With help from likeminded artists like Sara Groves, Sarah Masen, and Taylor Leonhardt, LaFollette takes time-honored, poetically rich words from the Book of Common Prayer and pairs them with modern, beautiful melodies. In the spirit of the Psalms, the music is contemplative, comforting, honest and vulnerable; it offers the freedom of personal conversation with God while remaining tethered to enduring truths of the faith. LaFollette shares, “In a time where loss and deconstruction seem ever-present, I find a foundation in the truth of these prayers. There is not a song on this record that I haven’t sung alone in my bedroom as a way to meet with God and preach to myself.” Several singles from the album have been featured in top Christian playlists on Spotify, exposing LaFollette to a much larger audience. While the songs are decidedly personal, they are ultimately intended for the Church. Songs of Common Prayer is distinct because it feels raw and intimate while remaining congregational. This heartfelt offering is a resource for any community that wants to include more traditional elements in it’s service or for liturgical churches that are looking for fresh, accessible corporate worship music. As a tool for personal prayer, it inspires peace, devotion, and hope. 

LaFollette has been involved in more than one hundred records in his career. He has worked with Andrew Peterson, Audrey Assad, Waterdeep, Matt Wertz, Robbie Seay Band and many others. His last record, Do Not Destroy, an album of congregational worship songs centered around themes of lament and hope, garnered attention in churches around the US. It featured Leslie Jordan of All Sons and Daughters and was supported by a tour with Indelible Grace. LaFollette has had multiple placements in international advertising campaigns with his band Trouvere, and has written many songs that have appeared on others’ records. His passion to serve is palpable: “I’m always grateful when I hear that a song I have written for me or my people is useful for someone else. Whether it is sung by a congregation in a church service or given as a gift to a grieving friend, I hope my music feels trustworthy while still telling the truth.” Known for his vulnerable and veracious vocal approach, simple and effective production, and beautiful melodic sense; LaFollette wants his music to be a reminder to the church that what unites it is greater than what divides it. “May my music be an open door, assuring people that they are wanted and welcome; that there is a place for them.” LaFollette will continue to extend his helpful hand to churches around the country as he sets out on a nationwide tour in support of Songs of Common Prayer in Spring of 2019. 

Greg LaFollette is a musician and producer in Nashville,TN. He is the resident artist at a local church plant, Grace Story Church, and serves as their director of arts and liturgy.

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