Kansas City, KS - June 17, 2022 
Greg LaFollette announces the release of his album, Ghosts & Empties, on July 29, 2022. 

Ghosts & Empties is an expansive collection of cover songs from seasoned singer/songwriter Greg LaFollette. Taking on songs by legends like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Paul Simon, and The Killers; he uses live performances and sparse arrangements to highlight the genius of the melodies and lyrics. LaFollette honors his influences with his intentionality and emotional connection; even though he didn’t write the songs, he owns them and loves them as if he did. 

LaFollette has been involved in more than one hundred records in his career; touring the world and sharing the stage with a diverse list of artists like Ben Harper, Chance The Rapper, and Wynonna Judd. While amassing over 3 million streams on Spotify, his music has been used in tv shows, advertising campaigns, and can commonly be heard in trendsetting international retail chains like Starbucks and Anthropologie. 

Known for his vulnerable and veracious vocal approach, simple and effective production, and beautiful melodic sense; LaFollette wants his music to be a comfort and companion. 

Greg LaFollette is a musician and producer in Kansas City. He is the resident artist at The Culture House, a non-profit conservatory of the arts.

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