Over the course of my career, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time “on the road,” and it hasn’t been a fertile soil for connection or flourishing. I've often been self-protective on long tours; making sure that I have the internal resources necessary to finish the trip well. I’ve found that this sort of reservation doesn’t foster my gifts of pastoral care, listening well, addressing needs, or building community; nor is it life-giving or sustainable. In addition, artists, in that environment, can become intensely focused on selling tickets and doing their thing; and that has never really been my thing. So, I developed something different. 

I am creating weekend packages based on addressing YOUR needs; customizing my services to what might help YOU the most. In addition to providing an art-and-music-filled service, 
-Would a songwriting retreat empower your people to begin creating their own songs? I can make that happen. 
-Would an artist workshop inspire your creative team? Let’s do it! 
-Would you like to introduce a more liturgical approach to worship? I’m your man. 
-Would spiritual direction help to heal your church? I’d consider it a privilege to help. 
-Something else in mind!? Let’s have a conversation. 

This has typically looked like a Saturday workshop or retreat followed by some sort of special, music-driven service on Saturday night or Sunday. Of course, this is all up for discussion and discernment, but the above gives us a place to begin building an event tailored for you. 

This kind of immersive, weekend experience (with much more time shared with one another than the traditional touring model) has proven to foster deeper relationships, more intentional conversations, and more effective ministry. 

I would love to partner with you. Let’s talk about how we can work together in 2021.

For more information or inquiries, please email Greg at